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Weight Vest Instructions:


Different Shoulders

How to put on weight vest – methods 1 & 2

How to put on Running Pad

How to install 20 & 25 lb. Attachments

How to add Large 50, 60 or 75 lb. attachments

Reflector Strips

Hydration Pack

All Weight Vest Videos

Here are a few weight vest instruction videos to help you learn more about weight vests and weight vest accessories. The link directly above this paragraph will provide you even more information. These weight vest instruction videos can help you see the advantages of our lineup of several specific weight vest designs. We start with an apron design; you can drape the weight vest over your torso and secure it with a belt system. The apron design is our original design; we are often copied. If you see a weight vest that looks like our premium design, then you can be 100% certain it was copied and taken to China to make an exact look-alike.

Copy Cats:

If you see a weight vest on the internet that looks just like the ones on this website, please be aware, these are not weight vests made by our weight vest team. We supply Rogue Fitness but they are the only company we assemble our brands for. Every weight vest you buy on this website is assembled in the USA, not an imported weight vest. Thanks for buying from our USA company we really appreciate it! Our promise to you is that your weight vest will outlast any other weight vest on the interwebs.