30 lb. V-FORCE® Basketball Weight Vest

V-FORCE® basketball weighted vests are military tough, built in full-body colors using the highest quality military spec. materials.

Key Features

  • Comfortable and super narrow design
  • Fully padded body and shoulders
  • Durable moisture-resistant materials
  • Will never stretch, sag, or fall apart
  • All weights and belts are removable
  • One size fits all
  • 30 pounds of metal weights in 2.5 lb. increments included
  • Easy-adjust 2″ signature belt system included
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


  • Top-of-the-line military grade materials
  • 2.5 metal weights (included)
  • Equal weight distribution (same front and back)
  • 30 lbs weight included
  • 11″W x 11″L x 2.5″D
  • 2″ Hook-n-Loop fasteners
  • Military grade webbings
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Arrives in 1 package
Shoulder Width Options

The V-FORCE® 30 lb. Basketball Weight Vest comes in one shoulder width for optimal overhead arm movements.

V-FORCE® 30 lb.  Basketball weight vest is designed for overhead arm movements like shooting hoops, rebounding and guarding with minimal interference. Sports like Basketball and Volleyball are best for this weight vest model, available in 10 popular colors. Weights are evenly balanced front and back. Weights are removable so you can start training gradually building higher jumping, faster reactions and more conditioning. Pockets are velcro type closures to hold the weights securely during any workout. 2″ Belting is flexible and stretchable, so it holds the vest in place while allowing the chest cavity and body torso to bend and expand slightly even when fully tightened. Thousands of players are finding new levels of performance with V-FORCE® weight vest training in their protocols. Great for Crossfit® workouts. Super reinforced, 17 colors, premium quality. Made in the USA.

Evenly distributed weight in the front and back. Each weight is a solid 2.5 lb.  rounded metal bar. Easily remove weights by lifting the flaps and sliding them out of their pocket. The 30 lb. basketball vest is generally used for basketball, volleyball and other sports where a narrow body will not hinder full range of arm motion.

The width of a 30 lb. vest at the upper pocket is approximately 9 inches. And the shoulders are nearly 2.5″ wide.

V-FORCE® basketball vests have narrower shoulders than the normal narrow shoulder (about 2.5″ wide) to allow for greater range of arm movements. The open side design allows you to work out a bit cooler and not be confined. The 2″ belts expand with your breathing while holding your vest in place. Your vest won’t sag, rip, or stretch over time, even with intense workouts.

Fully padded panels and shoulders make your V-FORCE® weight vest as comfortable as possible.


Add a Hydration Pack to your order.

Add a Running Pad  to your order.

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 4 in

Black, Coyote Tan, Desert Marshall, Marshall, Multi-Cam, Uni Cam, Woodland

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