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V-MAX™ Weight Vests


V-MAX™ weight vests are the first generation weight vests invented over 25 years ago. Often copied but they never reach the level of quality and durability we continue to provide to our customers.

We’re proud that we never copy other weight vest designs, but are pioneers in weight vest technology for over 25 years. V-MAX™ weight vests take the technology to the next level for function, feel and durability, not to mention looks. The fitness experts involved with weight vest training have given feedback for several years.

Thousands of V-MAX™ weight vests have been sold worldwide with a very minimal number returned for any reason over the years. Though we import some parts or materials to make these weight vests, we take great care and attention to detail to custom make these weight vests to last years. It is not uncommon to see our weight vest customers return 10 to 15 years later to upgrade.


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