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V-Force® Weight Vests

45 lb. weighted vest

V-Force® Weighted Vests are many steps better and set apart from all other weight vests on the market. The original designs created by our head experts over 25 years ago continue to be the best design for function and feel for weight vests for all fitness needs; a perfect design where fit and function meet to insure that the user has a weight vest that will last years and function and feel great for those years. They continue to be the number one functional design available. The main features are recognized as reinforced pockets, inter-skeletal webbing reinforced shoulders and 2″ wide belts. highly trained and experience workers know the exact methods and techniques necessary for perfect weight vests that don’t fall apart over time. We have a saying, “Buy from first and save.” This saying comes from lesson 101: Buy imported weight vest for $100. Buy a superb weight vest from for $200 after the first weight vest falls apart. Lesson? Buy first save $100.


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