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Custom Made since 1983 
Weighted vests in the USA
Global parts and USA sewing and construction protocols.

Best Weighted Vests Made in the USA*

“Custom built just for you.”

Best Weighted Vests Made in the USA*
of USA and quality global components.


V-Max Weighted Vest with short description.
Box Weighted Vest display with short description.

The Original Design

The original design to be the best weighted vests made in the USA* with the toughest materials available for long lasting weight vests – ideal for bodyweight workouts, running and walking and tough enough for Military and Firefighter’s testing and training.

You choose the model that is specific to your individual needs. We are the only weight vest manufacturer that sells specific designs for football, basketball, baseball, soccer and more for the perfect fit and function. The fit is superior and the look is amazing. They are comfortable and adjustable to fit any body type. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or just increase your overall fitness, our custom made weight vests will do the job. Take your workouts to the next level!

The USA needs Firefighters!

*Made in USA of USA and quality global components since 1983. 2001


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*USA Made of local and global components in Idaho.